Want to be part of our team?


The Spring 2018 application period has now closed. Please check back again in the fall for more information about applying!

All members must commit to the following responsibilities for the semester:

  1. General members must attend weekly staff meetings on Tuesdays from 8-9 PM (location TBA at the beginning of each semester). Board members meet for an additional hour preceding general staff meetings (7-8 PM).
  2. All members are expected to help distribute the print issues. This includes 2 hours of tabling per week when relevant, as well as placing copies of the print issue(s) around Berkeley's campus.
  3. All members must adhere to all requirements set forth by one's position title.

PICTURED: Kathleen Leuty, Chief Web Editor, tabling on Sproul Plaza to promote Issue 14.

Click here to see Issue 14 online!

Position descriptions:

Print Writer

Print writers are responsible for writing 1-2 articles per semester. Article topics are chosen by the writer and approved by the writer's supervising print editor. You will work closely with the print editors to hit revision deadlines. A photographer will also collaborate with you to capture images for the magazine that achieve the vision you have for your piece. Print articles are typically longer and more thorough than pieces found on our website, and are less time-sensitive. Print offers an opportunity for you to explore the bigger picture in Berkeley, whether that's a social phenomenon, an investigation, or an op-ed.

Web Writer

Web writers are responsible for writing 1 article every other week. Each web writer is assigned a supervising web editor with whom you will work closely to produce written content on topics that interest you. Nothing is off-limits on web. Whether you want to review a new album, make a playlist, recap a sporting event, or snap photos of the weirdest outfits you see around campus, our online community is the place to express your thoughts in a fast-paced and rigorous environment. If time allows for it, web writers can be paired with a photographer to take photos for the written piece. Print articles are also often featured on Caliber's website.


NOTE: many writers write for both the website and print issues, but it is not mandatory to do so.


Editors will be chosen for print or web based on preference, performance, and need. Both print and online editors are responsible for working closely with and communicating efficiently with writers. Editors are typically chosen from Caliber's general writing staff; writers have the opportunity to apply for editing positions at the end of each semester.

Layout Design and Web Design

You will assist in designing the layout of the print magazine and the website. For the print magazine, proficiency in Adobe InDesign is preferred. We like to give our layout design team freedom of creativity and the fearlessness to produce something new and exciting. For the website, familiarity with SquareSpace is also recommended, but not required. Our website is currently under construction, so if you have any ideas we would love to work with you to create an awesome site.

Graphic Design

Graphic designers work with print writers and layout designers. Responsibilities include editing photographs and illustrations, working with the layout designers to create the print issue's aesthetic, and producing professional quality images. Experience with Illustrator and Photoshop is preferred. 


Photographers are responsible for producing high quality, professional photographs for our print publication. Each photographer is assigned to at least 1 article for the print magazine and works with the writer to establish a theme to follow. Photographers are also expected to produce one or more photo spread(s) to be featured on Caliber's website. They report directly to the Head of Photography. There is also an opportunity to create an individual photo spread for print issues based on performance. Photographers are highly encouraged to take photographs for our web articles, but this is not required.