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headphone agenda

This site, created by Marcel Toorians, offers an interesting take on music presentation and analysis through a combination of live concert reviews and in studio reviews. It is based in San Jose, California.

Excerpt from the "about" page:

"Our intention is to provide a fresh perspective upon the works of the many talented people within this industry. We try to understand the authors themselves. A lyricist, no matter the genre, often draws from personal experience in order to bring the pen to the paper... So as we witness the live performances and visualize what we hear through our headphones, we use those genuine thoughts and emotions to describe our own perspectives of those we listen to."

MOM jeans.

Mom Jeans. is an alternative band based out of Berkeley, CA. The band consists of recent Cal alumni Eric Butler (guitar and vocals), Austin Carango (drums), Gabe Paganin (bass), and Bart Starr. They have been signed to two record labels: Fourth Row Records and Counter Intuitive Records.

You can find more information on their Facebook, Twitter, and Bandcamp pages.


Sunce Franicevic PRODUCTIONs

In addition to being a full-time student at Cal, Sunce Franicevic is an incredibly talented photographer, director, and actor. She is currently growing her own professional headshot and video advertising business.

Check out her Instagram and Facebook for more information.


Every Man a Debtor

Alok Singh is a 23-year-old Cal alumnus who spent his undergraduate career pursuing a degree in math. He now works as an AI researcher at Berkeley DeepDrive. He also maintains a blog called "Every Man a Debtor," in which explores a wide variety of topics with his own unique, sophisticated take.

This quotation is taken from the first sentence in his "about" page:

The title comes from the preface to Michael Spivak’s Calculus. The idea that we have a duty to advance the things we care about stuck with me. This is a small part of that repayment.

You can see some of the software he has written here.


DEEL is a San Francisco-based musician whose music falls within the d&b (drum and bass), electronica, and lo-fi genres. His music draws back to old PlayStation soundtracks and his parents' cassette collection circa '95.

You can find more of his music and information on his SoundCloud, Facebook, and Vimeo pages.

YOUTUBER: Vincent Stevenson

Vincent Stevenson is a current undergraduate student at UC Berkeley majoring in chemical engineering with a concentration in biotechnology. He operates a YouTube channel dedicated to exploring challenging topics related to his studies in a straightforward way, as well as to highlight the importance chemical engineers have in our everyday lives.