Photo Spread: Jiaying

I wanted to give up some control over an image. Here, I started swinging LED lights in front of the camera as I took pictures. It was hit and miss. Parts of the images became ‘burnt’ out by the LED lights directly in front of the camera’s lens. This interacts with the burning candle Jiaying holds. In blocking out parts of the image, we focus on areas we might not otherwise. Jiaying’s hands become more illuminated and defined, or the expression in one eye becomes the main story. I feel lucky to be able to focus on one person through multiple rolls of film, to try to create depth in a stagnant space and to introduce light into a dark room.

Black and white photos shot on Ilford 400 ISO negative film. Last image shot on Fujifilm Superia 400 ISO color film. Second image shot on canon 80D (digital). Aside from image #2, all the pictures are in original, unedited form.  

Erik Nuding