A (Not So Definitive Guide) to Dairy Free Milk


Maybe you’re all about that #veganlyfe or maybe the lactose intolerance you’ve been stubbornly ignoring for the past few years has finally gotten the better of you. Whatever your story is, I present you with a (not so scientific) ranking of the best non-dairy milks.

1. Macadamia milk

Macadamia milk is one of the rare alternative milks that go well in coffee, cereal, and on its own, the perfect trifecta. It is rich and creamy without the obvious nuttiness of almond milk or the watery consistency of many other milk substitutes. The only major downside is it can be difficult to find in stores.

2. Unsweetened vanilla almond milk

It’s like regular almond milk but better. The vanilla flavor isn’t overwhelming, just present enough to taste delicious, on its own, or baked into desserts. However, it's not ideal for savoury cooking. Costco has hands down the best version of this and at the best price. Long live Costco!

3. Oat milk

This is the thickest “milk” on the list. It sometimes is slightly grainy, but it is similar to the texture and after taste of whole milk. Oat milk had a mild taste with a slight sweetness, like drinking milk the milk at the bottom of a bowl of cereal. It also foams the best of the milks on the list which makes it nice for coffee drinks.

4. Regular unsweetened almond milk

Without the slight vanilla flavor, almond milk isn’t super flavourful. It is still nice in coffee but does have a distinctly almond flavor. Some brands even have a slightly sour taste.

5. Pea milk

Although it wins points for the high protein content, pea milk lacks arguably the most important element of a good beverage— flavor. It tastes mildly chalky, almost like raw flour.

6. Rice milk

Rice milk lacks thickness, flavour, or really any redeeming qualities but at least it doesn't taste like...

7. Soy milk

Soy milk tastes like frothy liquified tofu which is something I don’t think anyone needs in their life.  


Note: all rankings based on unsweetened flavor of milk when it is an option with the glaring exception of unsweetened vanilla almond milk because it’s just that good

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