Ode to BART


O, sweet BART!
Who shepherds me west to San Francisco in a mere half hour,
I treasure the gift you bestow unto me:
Tranquil escape!

Steady grace marks your gait,
Wind tugs me forth as you approach,
A loud roar blossoms in seconds.

I step into your corridors and I’m bathed in mirth,
From the tunnel I descend into my window seat,
With ease I sink into your embalmed light.

Metal vessel, clinquant in the 5pm glow.
Afternoon ennui, rays bend to your curves,
Curves who harbor distinct minds who turn languid as you drift.

Lest you break down, or stall for one reason or another as you oft do,
I breathe! You inhale with me,
Perhaps your musty aroma, or the dewiness of the two beside me who hold each other close.
Sweet Lovers! How your embraces become mine own!

We swell together atop the landscape,
Guide me through the undulating sinews which you doggedly trace from dawn till dusk.
Tender Nerves!
From Richmond to Warm Springs,
Caressing your lines like gossamer.

Soles shuffling,
Darting eyes echo along the aisle,
Confronted with my own haste,
I tremble, afraid I’ve miscalculated.

Is this the red line? Was I supposed to transfer? Orinda?


fuck fuck fuck

fuck fuck fuck
fuck fuck fuck
fuck fuck fuck
fuck fuck

Ah! Utter relief! Ashby manifests in the distance,
Downtown Berkeley is not far.
O BART, thy games and jests induce hysterics.
A fool, I am indeed!
Keep me on mine own toes, you trickster, you!

Adieu to you, mighty beast.
My pilgrimage ceases,
But my love for you endures.

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