Photo Spread: Mum, Moving

Catching fleeting moments of light becomes especially exciting when you are in a country where, on average, it rains 18 days a month.

May 14th 2018: “Movers are coming Tues Wed to pick up rest. They have keys”

May 20th 2018: “Forgot to tell u. We have a resident cookoo. Haven’t seen but likes to make its call midday. First for me!!!”

May 28th 2018: “Thanks sweetie. Don’t forget the ducks”

July 23rd: “Just at the Topaz station now. No rush”

August 19th 2018: “No. but lots of midges and flies.”

September 7th 2018: “Repositioned wood pile going in front of my tiny house”

September 15th 2018: “Just got back from a walk with Heather. Between the wind and the rain she was going nuts!”

September 18th 2018: “Rain poured into the house window on south side ladies brae”

Erik Nuding