Photographer Spotlight: Aria Dasbach

As many students do, feeling a bit lost and seeking adventure, I took to the road for a week of self-reflection and exploration. I threw the bare necessities in the back of Hercules, my 1978 Ford Bronco: surf board,  JetBoil, tent, and books. Leaving Berkeley (sans music as my radio conveniently died a day before), I headed to Santa Barbara to Jalama Beach- a hidden paradise of camping and surfing. Rounding the rain saturated hills, I came across a windy cove beach studded with RVs and tents of others lucky enough to know its whereabouts. Next stop was Joshua Tree, commonly referred to as other worldly, after luckily picking up some fellow Cal students in Long Beach. Spending the night in a tiny trailer after traversing through what can only be explained as Mars on Earth, my friends and I sipped wine, cozily hiding from the 50 mph winds whipping around us. Alone once more, I drove through the desert on my way to Anza Borrego National Park, seeking the acclaimed SoCal "super bloom". After gaining a new appreciation for thriving desert plants, I returned to civilization in San Diego. I then convinced a friend to accompany me on the long, ten hour drive back to Berkeley; I made it back with a vast appreciation of the desert, and for the solitude that it fosters.