Photo Spread: Heroes Without a Cause

America overflows with images which have swarmed around the world like pollen grains. Even before I had been to the United States, such images were stuck in my memory. Sometimes they are mythic images, sometimes mere clichés, of the vast country I fly over. Thoughts are turned to stars on the banner, in the sky, and on the screen.

In Berkeley and in the Bay Area more generally, I watch out for the vestiges of the American mythology portrayed in these images. I see them in the daily gestures of the people with whom I share- even if just for a moment- a street, a bus, or a BART train.

I have come to understand that with distance and/or obscurity, a homeless person can still seem to be a superhero, and the trash all over the floor after a concert... The flowers of field of a new kind. But a veil of melancholy seems to blanket this land of myths with obscurity. A disillusion, like a lost promise, shadows the desires of the people who I come across, and who come across me… heroes without a cause, whose dreams are not to be known.