My Critter Catcher: Product Review

My Critter Catcher is an insect trap that allows its user to safely catch and remove spiders, crickets, and other bugs. As a lifelong arachnophobe, I have always depended on my personal spider assassin (also known as my brother) to get rid of unwanted insects. Now that I’m in college, there have been many instances in which my roommates either are not around or are just as terrified as I am, leaving me to confront the situation on my own. When I saw this product on television, I thought it had the potential to be a viable solution for my bug phobia. My Critter Catcher, if proven successful, could be a staple household tool that would help people to be more independent in dealing with bugs inside the home.


The product itself consists of a long tube that has a circle of bristles at the end which opens and closes by squeezing the handle. The concept behind the design is to catch and release insects ethically, circumventing the need to kill it. Personally, I have no qualms over killing bugs, but for those who think otherwise this could provide a humane alternative. The most valuable aspect of the product to me was the distance it provided between the insect and me,  effectively eliminating the danger of touching the insect or having to feel and hear the dreaded crush when squished through a paper towel.

My Critter Catcher arrived five days after ordering and it was not long, three hours to be exact, until it was battle tested.

My target: an obese black widow

Target location: the corner of my bedroom

The experience, while traumatic, was marginally improved by the distance the Critter Catcher provided. The elongated pole allowed me to maintain a comfortable amount of distance from the spider and the circular bristles capably scooped up the spider. At no point did I fear the spider would drop from the net of bristles due to their length and quantity.  Although I was successfully able to transport the spider from my room outside the spider was slightly maimed in the process (it lost a leg) from the bristles of the product, which seems counter intuitive to the goal of Critter Catcher: to humanely transport bugs outside. If ethical treatment of insects is a hardline for you as a consumer it might not be the ideal product for you. However, from my perspective it certainly is worth it, the product has liberated me from having to constantly rely on others to deal with household bugs. Overall, I would recommend the product because it is easy to use and does work if you have no moral objections to crumpling the insects you pick up.


Product: My Critter Catcher

Price: $19.99

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