Caliber Magazine is UC Berkeley's premier publication for thought-provoking content, shedding light on relevant topics of interest to the Berkeley community. Caliber produces a free, semesterly magazine, and it maintains an online presence through our website and social media platforms. It seeks to serve as a high quality publication that features the strong capabilities of UC Berkeley students, both through written pieces and graphic design.

Caliber is an ASUC-sponsored student organization, created and maintained entirely by UC Berkeley students.


Caliber consists of two branches:

  1. Print issues: published once a semester; full-color; average length of about 50 pages
  2. Website: updated weekly during the academic year 

Topics may include: club activities, opinion pieces, reports, investigations, interviews, fashion advice and displays, musical/theatrical performance reviews, album reviews, book and/or movie reviews, food advice, class/course spotlights, sexual advice and reports, and college humor. However, this list is by no means a fixed schedule or agenda of any kind. The Caliber team decides on the next issue’s emphasis and theme at the end of each semester.


Caliber Magazine was founded in 2008 by Berkeley students Nick Anastasiades and Zarko Perovic in the Clark Kerr Campus Dormitory. For inspiration, Nick and Zarko put a whiteboard on their dorm room door and encouraged their floormates to contribute article ideas.

The magazine's name is a combination of the words "California" and "Berkeley," representing the origin of the magazine.

Fun fact: the first advertisement Caliber featured was for North Beach Pizza.